Here we have explained the Renegade Immortal’s Cultivation levels with detailed analysis in an easy format. So, do read whole blog post and dive into the world of renegade Immortal’s Cultivation levels.

First Stage :

The initial (starting) level of cultivation is know as [Qi Condensation], which is divided into 15 stages. This level can be passed by observing spritual energy.

Renegade Immortal's cultivation

Second- [Foundation establishment] stage, which is divided in three stages, namely Early, Middle and Late stage.

Third- [Core Formation], which is also divided into three stages – Early, Middle and Late stage. To reach this stage a cultivator Must form a Golden Pillar in his body.

Forth- [Nascent Soul Cultivation] level. It’s divided in three levels – Initial, Intermediate and Final stage. At this stage, the golden pill will become a soul, Wang Lin had entered this level by the help of tier 6 pill.

Fifth- [Soul Formation], it’s is divided in three levels, know as Early, Middle and Late(peak) stage. To reach this level, Wang Lin had to understand the realm of life and death like a human for 100 years. Then making perfect his body as Ancient God. Wang Lin had breakthrough to the final level, helped by Du Tian using the Billion Soul Flag.

Sixth- [Soul Transformation], this is also divided into three stages – Early, Intermediate and Peak stage. Wang Lin was able to break through this realm in the Refining sect, it was because of Du Tian’s help using a lot of celestial jades, to protect Wang Lin during the breakthrough process.

Seventh- [Ascendant level], which is divided into three stages, to get through the initial stage Wang Lin used Heavenly stones, and the intermediate stages swallows and refines a drop of Heavenly Wine water for 1 Year in the heavenly cave. Wang Lin reached the final level after living life with his son Wang Ping, Wang Lin finally understood what life meant. His domain was already at the late stage, but he lacked the divine energy to breakthrough the next realm.

Transitional Level –

First – [Illusionary Yin], Wang Lin was able to reach this level after finding a new life with his son and enough celestial energy.

Second – [Corporeal Yang], in these two realms has entered the transition stages, the development of a body that can be divided, like a thousand shadows technique.

Next we enter to Cultivation Stage 2, Comprehending the Dao-

Renegade Immortal' cultivation level

First- [The Nirvana Scryer] realm is divided into three stages – initial, middle and great Circle.

Second- [The Nirvana Cleanser] is divided into three levels as well.

Third- [The Nirvana Shatterer] is also divided into three level

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Transitional Level –

[Heaven’s Blight] – It is divided into 5 levels, passing each level will increase powers and after passing 5th level, you are ready to enter the 3rd step.

Next we enter to Cultivation Stage 3, Dao Essance

Renegade Immortal season 2

First- [Nirvana Void] realm, at this point the combat power is comparable to that of level four and five ancient gods.

Second- [The Spirit Void] realm is divided into three levels as well. Early phase, Middle phase and Late phase.

Third- [The Arcane Void] realm, it’s levels are divided in three stages.

Fourth- [The Void Tribulant] realm also has three stages.

Transitional Level –

[Half Heaven Trampling] Realm. This is divided into five stages.

  • First Bridge
  • Second Bridge
  • Third Bridge
  • Seventh Bridge
  • Peak bridge

Final Cultivation Stage 4, Mastering the Dao Source –

Final Realm – [Heavenly Trampling]. At this point, Heavenly Trampling is the final Realm of the Renegade Immortal in novel. But in the later plot, there is still existence that is far beyond the Heaven Trampling Realm, which can be called transcendence. The Heaven Trampling Realm is far from the end of the cultivation.

In Ergen’s Novel, cultivation is divided into ten steps, while the animation Renegade Immortal, the highest step can only be discussed up to the fourth step.

Renegade Immortal's Cultivation levels, discussed in detail

In the end, Wang Lin successfully entered the Heaven Trampling Realm and resurrected his wife Li Muwan. However, in the fifth novel entitled, “Three Inches of the World” written by Ergen. Wang Lin finally reached the Heavenly Emperor Realm. Read more.

It should be noted that, within the 20 Cultivation realm, progress becomes more difficult with each ascending level. As a result, as the level of cultivation increases, the challenges inherent in achieving the next level increase accordingly.

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