A highly anticipated donghua series “Immortality Season 3” has officially announced its release date. A glimpse of its trailer shows that this upcoming season promises to be one of the extraordinary season in the entire series.

Series Overview –

Immortality is an adaptation of a famous novel ‘Yong Sheng’ written by Meng Ru Shen ji, it is also known as Eternal life.

The series “Immortality” debuted its first season on January 29, 2022, consisting of 12 episodes. It received received widespread praise and emerged as one of the standout donghua production of the year due to its compelling character development and high-quality animation and visually stunning presentation. The release of second season followed in July 2023, continuing the narrative momentum established in the first season. As anticipation grows for season 3, viewers can look forward to another 12 episodes to delve deeper into the captivating world of “Immortality”.

Immortality Season 3 release date Announced | details, reviews

The Series tells the story of a young boy named Fang Han, who had been working as a lowly servant since childhood, embraced the conviction that self-determination was more important than slavery. Holding firmly belief that “It is better to be beggar than to be someone else’s servant”, inspired by this unwavering ethos and strengthened by his personal determination. He embarks on a journey full of challenges. Through tirelessly preservense, Fang Han overcame innumerable obstacles to rise to greatness, ultimately achieving mastery over Divine Arts and attaining an Immortal body.

Fang Han New look –

In the upcoming season “Immortality 3”, audience will see Fang Han in a markedly changed personality, as shown in its Trailer. Departing from the simple and innocence characterization observed in the last 2 seasons, Fang Han emerges as a mature and experienced person.

Immortality Season 3 release date Announced | details, reviews

The trailer teases an action – packed narrative suggesting a departure from earlier theme towards more intense and dynamic storyline. Seasons 3 promises to highlight Fang Han’s growth as a formidable warrior, highlighting the trials and tribulations that shapes his journey towards greatness. Through an poignant storytelling, audience will witness Fang Han’s poignant transformation as he navigates a path filled with challenges and emerges as an image of profound strength and resilience.

Immortality Season 3 release date –

Immortality Season 3 release date Announced | details, reviews

After a long wait, finally Immortality Season 3 release date is confirmed, the announcement was made by Bilibili and its production teams, Immortality Season 3 (Young Sheng) is scheduled for release on 19th April, 2024. There will be a total 12 episodes and each episode will be of approximately 20 minutes.

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This season will offer viewers insight into the Fang Han’s preparation for the Final Battle with the Senior Hua.

Season 3 Final Trailer

Production And Studio –

The series is produced by Bilibili Animation with the Studio – Oriental Creative Color.

Two series produced by the same Studio – “My Heroic Husband” and “The War of Cards”.

Rating and Reviews –

IMDB Rating – 7.5/10

My Anime list – 7.2/10

Conclusion –

If you have a preference for action, adventure and fantasy series, Season 3 of “Immortality” is likely to captivate your interest. Before diving deeper into the upcoming season, I would recommend you to watch season 1 and 2 to gain a comprehensive understanding of the story. This backround knowledge will enhance your viewing experience and allow you to dive deeper into the narrative complexity of the series.

I confidently assert that Immortality season 3 is a must watch donghua, because of its captivating story and animation. The well known voice actor like Liu Sicen as Fang Han and He Wenxiao as Fang Qingxue bring depth to the characters, making it a great watch for donghua fans.

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