All Upcoming Donghua 2024 list –

Here, we have listed some of the most awaited Donghua  2024. Hope you find this interesting.

  • A Snow Eagle Lord Season 4
  • Jade Dynasty 2
  • Crap Reborn Season 4
  • Immortality Season 3
  • Purple River Season 2
  • The island of siliang Season 2
  • The Black Troup Season 4
  • Legendry Twins  Season 2
  • The World of Immortal
  • Dragon Prince Yuan

1. Snow Eagle Lord Season 4

There have been 3 seasons of Snow Eagle Lord Donghua so far, its third season was the most popular season. If we talk about its upcoming season that is season 4, then this season is also going to be great. 

As you must be aware that its season 3 ended on 13 June 2022, and fans were eagerly waiting for it, now the wait is about to end, after waiting for more than one and a half years, its season 4 is going to be released very soon.

We may get to see “Snow Eagle Lord season 4” in month of July or August this year.

Standard Anime
Snow eagle lord

Synopsis :-

“In the Tranquil Sun province of the empire, there exists an unremarkable lordship known as Xue Ying Territory. This is the home of the Dong Bo clan, the clan of our hero Xue Ying

His father, a commoner turned noble, his mother, a noble who abandoned her clan for love, and his brother, an innocent toddler. But peace cannot last forever, Xue Ying’s peaceful life is shattered, and the only way to reclaim it is through power.” (Source : novel updates)

2. Jade Dynasty Season 2 :

Jade Dynasty was one of the best donghua of the year 2023. It was the only donghua that was everyone’s favourite. This donghua became so famous because of its story presentation. We get to see everything in this series, from the animation quality to its character buildup, everything was excellent.

Now if we talk about its upcoming season, it is going to be even more better than season 1. In Jade Dynasty Season 2, the characters have been slightly modified, the main character has been shown to be a little mature, and many new characters will be introduced in this upcoming season. If sources are to be believed, this season could be the last season, what do you think? Will this be the last season or not? Comment down.

And, if we talk about the release date of season 2, till now no confirmed notification has come, we can only guess that its season 2 can be seen between September to October this year.

Most Anticipated Upcoming Donghua 2024 Release date, schedule
Jade Dynasty

Synopsis :-

“Zhang Fan survived a terrible massacre at Grass Temple Village, where all the people were killed. He was left with the Sinister Bead, a dangerous artifact, and was taught secret teachings called Brahmin Wisdom by the Skysong sect. Now, in the Jedian Sect, she must face a chaotic journey while dealing with the challenges of the Martial World, burdened with the burden of her knowledge and possession.”

Check out it’s Season 2 Trailer 

3.Carp Reborn Season 4 :

This donghua had 3 seasons so far, and people were eagerly waiting for its 4th season. So , there is good news for them that, we are going to see its 4th season very soon.

As we saw in the last episode of Season 3, Wang Sheng had flooded Dai Xiao’s plane in Baoqingyu lodge and broke his spirit due to which all Spirit cultivator players are eliminated and become unconscious including Wang Sheng . But Wang Sheng comes back to life with the spirit pill. And, then we are shown a girl who does a snap and season 3 ends there.

If some reports are to be believed, the story of season 4 will be taken forward from where Carp Reborn season 3 ended.

Some Rumours related to it’s release date of season 4 is coming that,we may get to see it’s season 4th by the end of September 2024.

Most Anticipated Upcoming Donghua 2024 Release date, schedule

Synopsis :-

Wang Sheng, a soldier of special force, ends up in the sole world where he’s taken over by the weak spirit of a carp called Yuan. Suddenly, he’s seen as useless in this new World. However, Wang Sheng remember the skills he leaned in his past life, specially from a master named Yun Yuan.

Using this knowledge he managed to survive the battle and even discovers a way to upgrade the Carp Spirit. Just like a sparrow turning into a pheonix a carp jumping to become a dragon. Wang Sheng transform himself from a nobody into a powerful person in the soul world.

4. Immortality Season 3 :

This donghua is going to be one of the best donghua of 2024. It has had only one season so far, its first season was very popular due to which many people are eagerly waiting for its season 2.

 The official trailer of Immortality season 2 has been released. In this season we will be shown how Fang Han prepares for the Final Battle with the Senior Hua.

The studio has made some changes in its season 2. Our main character Fang Han is seen in a mature face, and it is also said that the animation quality of Donghua will be improved significantly in season 2 compared to season 1. Its release date has not been officially announced yet. We can only expect that we may get to see its first episode in the middle of April this year.

Most Anticipated Upcoming Donghua 2024 Release date, schedule

Synopsis :-

Fang Han, a lowly servant since childhood, held the belief that “It is better to be a beggar than to be someone else’s servant.” With this faith in mind, and relying on his own strength, he struggles a lot and he conquers the world. With an unshakable spirit, he mastered the divine art and created an eternal body.

Check out it’s Season 3 Trailer 

5. Purple River Season 2 :

This fantasy – adventure story is power struggle and political conspiracies is quite unique. And this is what makes this donghua different from others.

This donghua has a seperate fanbase, No one can beat this donghua in combat sequences and sword fight. This. Chinese Anime is one of the most underrated donghua.

The first season of this series was released on 21st December 2021 and ended on 20th September 2022. There were total 42 episodes in it’s first season. And, finally after waiting for one and a half year, the sequal of this series i.e. season 2 has been announced during the Tencet Video Animation 2023 Annual Conference. The official Announcement teaser of Zi Chuan Season 2 has been released.

There are some rumours related to it’s release date. We may get to see it’s season 2 by the end of July

Most Anticipated Upcoming Donghua 2024 Release date, schedule
Zi Chuan season 2

Synopsis :-

In the Human Empire, three heroes from a mysterious clan are rising up. Di Lin is cold-blooded but resourceful. Sterling is a patriotic soldier and loyal to the throne. Zichuan Xiu is known as a rogue but a wise man. When the Zichuan Clan beset by enemies from within and without, the three brothers displayed their respective abilities. Zichuan Xiu repelled the Demons and ventured his life on hunting down the rebel, Sterling resolutely chose his family rather than beloved lover. Humans, demons, orcs, and eastern tribes are constantly entangled and bring chaos to this continent. A magnificent epic story was then born in the blood and fire.

Check out it’s Season 2 Trailer 

6.The Island of Siliang Season 2 :

One of the most anticipated and beautiful, gorgeous donghua has finally been released the first PV video of “The island of Siliang season 2” by Tencent Animation.

In the last season, we saw that it had a total of 15 episodes, and if some news is to be believed, only 15 episodes will be released in its season 2 also. And If we talk about the storyline of Juan Siliang Season 2, then its Season 2 will be starting from the same place where its first season ended.

Most Anticipated Upcoming Donghua 2024 Release date, schedule
The island of Siliang Season 2

The island of Siliang season 2 release date –

The release date of its season 2 is not confirmed yet. According to news, we would have got this donghua in winter 2023 but it was not released. There could be many reasons for its late release. Now we can only hope that this series will be done soon.

We can just assume that we may see this by the month of April 2024.

Most Anticipated Upcoming Donghua 2024 Release date, schedule

Synopsis :-

This place is located at the crossroads between the God World and the Heaven realm, where there is a barrier created by the God clain. Once the God and immortal are exiled, as long as they are contaminated by sea water they will die and the life of Immortals will become similar to humans life, feeling the same suffering as old age, disease and death.

According to legend, the “liberation of heaven“, will come every 500 years, if the gods and Immortal or their trapped descendants pass the test of “liberation of heaven”, they can return to heaven. But some people don’t want to wait that long and are less likely to choose to risk braking the barriers and  escaping.

Check out it’s Trailer below 

7. The Black Troup Season 4 :

This is a sci-fi anime donghua and it is also one of the upcoming donghua. Till now, 3 seasons of this donghua have already come and now its 4th season is about to come. The first season of The Black Troop Donghua was released on June 1, 2017, and the second season was released on January 24, 2019, with 15 episodes in both seasons. And now it is believed that its 4th season will also follow the same.

Tenet Penguin Pictures is producing the series with Transcendence Picture Studios. This is also one of the most awaited donghua. We hope that the studio will announce its release date soon.

Most Anticipated Upcoming Donghua 2024 Release date, schedule
The Black troop Season 4

Synopsis :-

In 2014, Leona, the Sun Goddess of solari, came to earth. Hidden genetic powers began to awaken on earth, including the power of galaxy and the God of War. An invasion of the alien Tao Tie is about to come to earth to entertain Carthus, the God of death.

The angelic, demonic, and divine factions on earth United to form the Black troops led by Leona, to combat the invasion. The God Seminary gathered warriors scattered across the Earth who possessed God’s genetics to form the Black troops. Leona, the Radiant dawn leads the team and train them in combat techniques to fight against invasion. Morgan, the fallen angel, came to earth to sow the seeds of darkness and plot to destroy the holy kayle. Angel spacecraft warns of attack from the Styx galaxy. Earth Become battlefield for a cosmic war.

Check out it’s PV video below 

8. The Legendry Twins  Season 2 :

Legendary Twins is an action, adventure donghua. Its first season was released on 3 October 2022 and it ended on 23 January in which a total of 18 episodes were released. Now after 1 year its season 2 is going to be released in 2024. If we talk about its release date, for now there’s no official information regarding this. Please follow us for further information.

Most Anticipated Upcoming Donghua 2024 Release date, schedule

Synopsis :-

“The follows a pair of twin brothers who, because of a feud between two formidable martial artists, were separated at birth and raised on opposing sides.”

9. The World of Immortal :

Most Anticipated Upcoming Donghua 2024 Release date, schedule

This is a new Upcoming Donghua. According to Reddit’s reports this donghua is going to be broadcast this year.

Based on Chinese novel World of Immortals (Chang Sheng Jie) by the author Chen Dong.The same author of Perfect World. So we can expect to see the same animation quality as well as story like Perfect World. Main protagonist name “Xiao Chen”. 

It’s release date is not confirmed yet.Please follow us for further information.

Most Anticipated Upcoming Donghua 2024 Release date, schedule

Synopsis :-

The World of Immortals”, it is the world every mortal long for. For many, it is an eternal glory to cause a spatial distortion and enter the World of Immortals. But the vicissitude of time is simply merciless, the legends regarding immortality had long been forgotten.

However, a miracle shall rise once more. An immortal was about to split the space with martial arts and cut all ties with the mortal world. The protagonist, Xiao Chen, was caught up in it and accidentally brought to the World of Immortals. What will they find in the vast world beyond the rift?

Check out it’s Trailer 

10. Dragon Prince Yuan :

This donghua can become the most liked donghua of 2024 because this donghua is written by the same writer who wrote “battle through the heaven”.We all hope that we will be shown a best story with great animation quality.

Dragon Prince Yuan release date is not confirmed yet. For further notification please do follow us.

Most Anticipated Upcoming Donghua 2024 Release date, schedule
Dragon Prince Yuan season 1

Synopsis :-

“Destiny stolen at birth, the prince of the once mighty Great Zhou Empire, Zhou Yuan, has been plagued all his life by a fatal poison, forced to suffer powerlessly until one day when fate draws him into a mysterious domain where he meets a beautiful girl in green, a bizarre dog-like creature and an unfathomable old man in black. Join Zhou Yuan as he is thrust into the whirlpool of destiny while he seeks the pinnacle of cultivation.”

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