Dive into a world of captivating stories, interesting characters and breathtaking artistry. When it’s come to entertainment, the best donghua series offers a unique experience that transcends cultural boundaries. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to this Chinese Animation art form, here we have from popular shows to cult classics, these are our essential anime picks.

10. My Heroic Husband :

My Heroic Husband

A boy who was considered an elite member of the modern business world, named Yi Ning. He is mysteriously transported to the ancient Wu Dynasty as the son-in-law of the merchant family. Yi Ning watches his wife Su Tan’er struggle to keep the family textile business afloat.

Knowing that he can help his new family succeed, Yi Ning tries to help but soon finds himself caught in a fierce battle between the Su family and the royal merchants. Making every effort to help his wife and her family, Yi Ning fight tirelessly against those who wants to see him fail and finally become the richest in Jiangning.

The series has total 12 episodes and was released on 23rd April, 2023.

9. Tales Of Dark River [Anhe Zhuan] :

This is an Action, adventure donghu. Its series tells a story of an Organisation called “dark river” know as a mysterious killer organisation and was run by three big families – Xu, Xie and Mu family. One day, the patriarch, the supreme leader of these families, was in grave danger as their elder have been Poisoned.

After hearing the news, the three armies of the underworld took the opportunity to launch a rebellion. Su muyu, the leader of the patriarch’s elite guard know as spider shadow enlist the help of Bai Hehuai, a talented doctor from medicine King valley to heal the patriarch and at the same time repelled the various killer to protect the patriarch Zhouquan.

This donghua was released on 2nd August, 2023 and it has total 24 episode out of which 12 episodes has been aired as its first season. Series is produced by Youku Animation with the studio Passion Paint Animation.

8. The Ravages of Time :

The Ravages of Time

The story of The Ravages of Time revolves around the battle in the late Han Dynasty and three kingdomsWei, Shu and Wu Dynasty. During the end of the eastern Han dynasty. A tyrant named Dong Zhuo seized the power, kidnapped the emperor and controlled the princes by holding their relatives hostages. In response, a brave warrior named Lu Bu devised a plan to burn Luoyang’s city and lure enemy force into a trap and rescued the hostages.

This series is recommended to those who loves watching action war series. It has total 16 episodes and each episode is of approx 23 minutes. It was released on 1st May, 2023.

7. The Legend of Xianwu Emperor :

10 Must Watch Donghua of 2024 list, overview :

In the world of gods, demons, and buddhas, Ye Chen, a discarded apprentice find himself without a home. By chance, he got a real fire and then embarked on the road of immortal martial arts. Amidst a universe balanced between order and chaos, Ye Chen emerges as a force for change. Ye Chen’s journey against the sky began from this point and after going through hardships and reincarnation, “Legend of Xianwu” follows Ye Chen’s relentless pursuit of mastery, showcasing a mortal’s ascent to Godhood and the power of transcending limitations.

This is an action, adventure and martial arts genre donghua, there have been two seasons of this donghua so far. 26 episodes were released in its first season and its 2nd season is currently ongoing. therefore, only 23 episodes have been released in its second season.

6. Martial Universe [Wu Dong Qian Kun] Season 4 :

10 Must Watch Donghua of 2024 list, overview :

A boy who learns cultivation with the help of a mysterious seal. He travels around the world to get better at it and with hard work and determination, he became a great cultivator. Along the way, he discovers some deep secrets about the world. He finds out the demon group is planning something evil that can ruin everything. Lin Dong works together with two others who are also skilled in martial arts. Together they Fight against the evil plans of the demon group and try to bring peace back to the world.

Wu Dong Qian Kun is an Action, Adventure and Martial arts series. So far 3 seasons have been released. And it’s 4th season was released in November 2023 itself.

5. Renegade Immortal season 1 :

10 Must Watch Donghua of 2024 list, overview :

Wang Lin was a smart boy, who lived with his parents in a village, no one liked his family either. But one day something different happens, Wang Lin gets a chance to become immortal, but he realises that he was not worthy of it, so he sets out to become worthy of it.

This is an Action, adventure and martial arts donghua, it has 24 episode in first season and its 2nd season will be broadcast on 26th February 2024.

4. Honor of Kings: Chapter of Glory :

10 Must Watch Donghua of 2024 list, overview :

Honor of kings is an adaptation of popular MOBA game. The Honour of kings (Wang Zhe Rongyao) is also known as Arena of Valor Internationally and become one of the world’s most popular game.

On the vast continent, heroes break barriers and persue their dreams. They go beyond themselves and strive to be perfect. They carry the burden and move forward and understand the true meaning of love, they advocate power and never give up.

There are only Four episodes and it had released on January 13, 2024.

3. Immortality (Yong Sheng) Season 2 :

10 Must Watch Donghua of 2024 list, overview :

Fang Han, a lowly servant since childhood, held the belief that, “it is better to be beggar than to be someone else servant“, with this faith in mind, and relying on his own strength. He struggle a lot and conquers the world, with an unshakeable spirit, he mastered the divine arts and created an eternal body.

This donghua is popular by its beautiful story telling and great animation quality. It has two seasons and both season had performed very well and its 3rd season is also about to be released this year.

2. The Great Ruler :

10 Must Watch Donghua of 2024 list, overview :

In the great thousand world, where countless Planes intersect, many clans reside and lords gather. Heavenly Sovereign emerges from lower Planes. They weave captivating legends that inspires admiration persuing the path to dominance. The flame emperor control the endless fire territory, where thousand of fire rage. A boy from the Northern spiritual realm rides a Nine Netherworld Bird into this diverse world. Who becomes a Great Ruler.

This is a adaptation from the novel of the same name by a famous author “Silkworm potato“, the author of Battle Through the Heaven and Wu Dong Qian Kun.

1. The Demon Hunter :

10 Must Watch Donghua of 2024 list, overview :

Meng Chuan’s world shattered when he witnessed the chilling murder of his beloved mother – an indelible image forever etched in his mind. So he trained very hard hoping to one day avenge her death. Amidst newfound peace, misfortune strikes with a broken engagement and foreign invasion. In order to protect the people of Ning city, Meng Chuan embraces his destiny, he picked up his Sword and decided to become the strongest.

This is a adaptation from the novel of the same name by a famous author “I eat Tomatoes“, the author of Stellar Transformation. The demon hunter season 1 was one of the best donghua of year 2023.

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