5. Blader Soul (Bu Xing Si) Season 1 :

5 Recently New Released Donghua 2024, details, reviews

Bilibili’s latest action, adventure and fantasy Chinese anime, “Blader Soul” is captivating viewers with its intense storytelling and stunning animation quality. It’s story is….

The world of “Blader Soul”, where the aftermath of Qin’s destruction of Han leaves everything in ruins awaiting revitalization. Clans cling to power and unity becomes necessary to face challenges. Amidst this Chaos, the influence of Gan Jing transcends Yin and Yang to shape destiny. As extraordinary individuals emerge, guided by Gan Jing’s legacy a journey of discovery and transformation unfold in “Blader Soul” weaving intrigue, adventure and humanity’s indomitable will into a captivating story.

Informations :-

  • Status : Ongoing
  • Release date : 29th February, 2024
  • Episodes : 18
  • Producer : Bilibili Animation
  • Genre : Action, Adventure and Historical
  • Duration : 15 min/ep

4. The Age of Cosmos Exploration [Da Yuzhou Shidai] :

New released donghua

Endless Sky and Infinite space, the cosmos is not a paradice waiting to be found, it is full of darkness and danger, death and terror. The Earth is in trouble due to emergence of neutron star fragments. Yao Yuan and the Black Star team lead humanity’s last hope, they use the spaceship “Hope” to transport a large number of people away from the earth and find a new home in the universe. In the process of adventure and battle, they discover advanced cosmic civilisations.

One of the best Ongoing Sci-fi donghua produced by Bilibili Animation with the Studio – Foch Films

Informations :

  • Status : Ongoing
  • Release date : 22nd January, 2024
  • Episodes : 12
  • Producer : Bilibili Animation
  • Genre : Action, Sci-fi, Adventure
  • Durations : 21 min/ep

3. Ancient Lords :

Ancient lord season 1

This is an Action, Adventure, historical, martial arts donghua. In this series we are told the story of a monk named Meng Qi. Who wants to be a cheerful and graceful Swordsman, but fate had other plans. He found himself caught up in a series of never-ending mission in a place called “Reincarnation place”.

However, it’s all turns out to be planned by a powerful Ancient Lord. Despite the challenges that came his way, Meng Qi remained invincible and clever. He ventured into the world of martial arts and earned the title of “Mad Monk“. But amidst all the chaos, Meng Qi discovers his true identity. With his intelligence and swordsmanship, he became a great figure in the world of martial arts.

Informations :-

  • Status : Ongoing
  • Release date : 18th February, 2024
  • Episodes : Unknown
  • Producer : Bilibili Animation
  • Genre : Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy
  • Duration : 22 min/ep

2. Honor of Kings: Chapters of Glory :

5 Recently New Released Donghua 2024, details, reviews

On a vast Continent, heroes break barriers and pursue their dreams. They go beyond themselves and strive to be perfect, they carry the burden and move forward and understand the true meaning of love, they advocate power and never gave up. This series is an adaptation of popular MOBA game. The Honour of kings is also known as Arena of Valor Internationally.

First series of Tencent Penguin Picture of the year 2024, released with only 4 episodes.

Informations :

  • Status : Finished
  • Release date : Jan 13, 2024
  • Episodes : 4
  • Producer : Tencent Penguin picture
  • Genre : Action, adventure, Martial arts
  • Duration : 20 min/ep

1. Journey to the West: The Mad King [Asura]

Journey to the West : Asura

In “Journey to the West : The Mad King (Asura)”, Yumo, a Vulnerable Asura youth, witnesses the slaughter of his tribe and undergoes a transformative journey guided by Laohuji. Mastering the fighting God’s five senses and the unique fighting soul, he reunited with his friend Shiyu amidst Asura’s law of survival. Using his newfound power, Yumo faces the harsh realities of his world. Grappling with identity, friendship and an unforgiving environment. Through trial, he discovers the true essence of power and liberation, eventually rising to the position of king in Asura’s realm.

Informations :

  • Status : Ongoing
  • Release date : 28 February, 2024
  • Episodes : 9
  • Producer : Tencent Penguin Picture
  • Genre : Action, fantasy, Adventure
  • Duration : 19 min/ep
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