We are pleased to announce that this month, 5 new Donghua series are going to be released, promising excellence in storytelling and animation. If you are looking for fresh contact and a break from old series, these upcoming release will definitely pique your interest. So, do read the whole blog post to know the series.

Nirvana of Storm Rider (Fengyun Bian) :

5 donghua
  • Release Date – 17 May, 2024
  • Total Episodes – 30
  • Producer – Tencent Penguin Picture
  • Studio – Bluearc animation
  • Themes – Sci-fi, martial arts

The Series “Nirvana of Storm Rider” tells the story of two renowned warrior, Bu Jingyun and Nie Feng, who transformed into Quantum States with the aid of of mysterious being and vanished amidst a looming catastrophe. Three thousand years later, earth was ravaged by an asteroid, leading humans to uncover a super powers know as “pulse energy” in the human body. Bu Tianyun, an orphan, accidentally awakens Bu Jingyun from a meteorite slumber, he discovered the “pulse energy” potential in his body. Together with Nie Feng’s successor, Ni Zifeng, they sets out on a quest to protect the world as the “Pulse Warrior”.

The Spirit Pet Master :

The spirit Pet Master
  • Release Date – 26 May, 2024
  • Total Episodes – 16 Episodes
  • Studio – Foch Films
  • Producer – Bilibili
  • Themes – Magic, cultivation

Chu mu, a young man, finds himself trapped within Xia Guanghan’s trap and imprisoned in the White Nightmare before being taken to Green Nightmare Island. He was forced to fight brutal battle alongside his sole pet Moye, through resilience and skills, he ascended to become the prision island’s youngest king.

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Back to the Great Ming (Fenghuo San Yue) :

5 Donghua Releasing in May| Dragon Prince Yuan Release date Confirmed
  • Release Date – 2 May, 2024
  • Total Episode – 16
  • Producer – iQIYI Animation
  • Studio – Wonder Cat Animation
  • Themes – Historical, Martial arts

While studying at home for a history exam, high school senior Zheng Shaopeng is knocked unconscious by a falling history book. Upon waking up, he find himself in Denzhu, a Kingdom of the book, assuming the identity of the poor scholar Yang Lin. Initially struggling with the ancient life, Yang Lin gains acceptance through modern inspired invention, gaining popularity in the village. Amidst turbulent time, he witnesses war Chaos and social suffering. Using knowledge and skill, Yang Lin rose in the imperial government, leading reforms to eliminate superstition and fight internal corruption.

Golden Guard: The Wind Rises in Jingling

5 Donghua Releasing in May| Dragon Prince Yuan Release date Confirmed
  • Release Date – 18 May, 2024
  • Total Episodes – 16
  • Producer – iQIYI Animation
  • Studio – China Film
  • Themes – Detective, martial arts

The story starts with the main character Qin Ming and Bai Qi being selected to join the rank of Golden Guard and serve as a firefighter of the fire protection division in Jinling City. Bai Qi who is good at solving puzzles, the other is a guy from the streets who is good with sword. During the thunder and fire case, they meet the first girl in the Jinling police department, Jin Yifei, to overcome internal contradictions, the trio begin to investigate the mysterious things happening in the city.

Dragon Prince Yuan (Yuan Zun) :

5 Donghua Releasing in May| Dragon Prince Yuan Release date Confirmed
  • Release Date – 30 May, 2024
  • Total Episodes – Unknown
  • Producer – Tencent Penguin Picture
  • Studio – Motion Magic
  • Themes – Cultivation, Martial arts

Zhao Yuan, the Prince of the great Zhou Empire, was born with the rare gift of the Holy Dragon’s blessing, which he lost in his childhood due to rebellion action. The rebellious Wu Clan, after taking over the empire, forced the imperial couple to transfer blessings to the Wu Clan’s children under the threat of extermination. At 14, Zhou Yuan faces a life-threatening challenges as the poison from the transfer intensifies every three years. Without the ability to cultivate, he must survive and grow stronger to reclaim his empire and avenge his parents death.

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