Based on iQIYI’s recently unveiled announcement regarding upcoming donghua production, this year viewers can expect several new donghua series as well as continuation of existence series this year and this series is one of an upcoming series scheduled to premiere this year. If you haven’t had the opportunity to review the list of upcoming series, I recommend you to visit our site. We have provided comprehensive details and explanation about the upcoming series, making it essential for you to know and stay informed.

Series Overview

“Coiled Dragon”, also known as ‘Pan Long’, is adapted from Novel, written by a famous writer I Eat Tomatoes, also the Author of “Martial Universe”, “Swallowed Star” and “The Demon Hunter”. This upcoming donghua “Pan Long” promises to be a historical, adventure-filled and action packed narrative similar to the acclaimed series “Throne of Seal”.

coiled dragon / panlong Dragon

This series shows the story of a young boy named Linley, who was born in a small town of Wushan. Linley is a descendent of the Baruch clan, a famous clan of Dragon blood warriors. Their fame once shook the world, but now the clan has become so devastated that even the clan’s heirlooms has been sold. Linley is tasked with reclaiming his clan’s lost glory. He will go through countless trial and Tribulant, making powerful friends but also deadly enemies.


“Linley is a young noble from a weak, powerful clan that once dominated the world. He has big aspirations and want to save his clan. Linley’s journey begins with an accident when he discovered a ring. He liked this ring very much, which had a dragon carved coiled around it. Upon being injured during a battle between two powerful fighters he discovers that his ring not what he thought it was and possesses power beyond his imagination.”

Main Male protagonist –

Coiled Dragon, the Coiled Dragon

“Linley” is the main character of the series. He is characterized by both youthful innocence and unwavering determination, through a compelling narrative, audiences will witness Linley’s inspiring journey as he strives to restore his clan to its former glory and became a greatest dragon warrior in the continent, turning his aspirations into tangible reality.

Main Female Protagonist –

Coiled Dragon | New Upcoming Donghua series 2024| Release date, Details

‘Delia’ is the main female character of the series “Coiled Dragon”. She is depicted as an extremely beautiful and exceptionally talented student of the Magic Academy. As of now, no official information has been released regarding the visual depiction of the character in 3D animation. Because, the 3D model has not been unveiled, thus lacking definitive conformation about the character’s appearance.

Coiled Dragon Release date and Update

Although, the official release date of this series has not been revealed yet, but it has been confirmed that the series will be premiered in 2024. Regarding its promotional material, the PV (promotional video) has not been released yet. However, the highlight of the series have been teased. Recent headlines have revealed that the official PV is expected to be released in August and after this promotional phase, the series will be broadcast online.

Coiled Dragon | New Upcoming Donghua series 2024| Release date, Details

This series has been divided into three parts. The first chapter is “Coiling Dragon: Finlay Kingdom” containing 7 episodes, the Second chapter is “Panlong’s Magic Academy” containing 6 episodes, and third chapter is “Coiling Dragon: Warcraft Mountains” containing 7 episodes.

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Panlong Dragon donghua PV

Production and Studio

This series is being produced by Tencent Penguin Picture With the Animation studio CG year (China Film).

Some of the popular series produced by CG Year (China Film) are listed below –

  • The Land of Miracles
  • Carp Reborn
  • Blade of Dawn
  • Martial Peak
  • Thirty-Six Cavilary

Is it worth watching ?

As I mentioned in the beginning that this series shares similarities with series “Throne of Seal” in terms of animation style, visuals and Background score (music, voice over). If you enjoy watching series akin to “Throne of Seal”, then this upcoming donghua is likely to captivate your interest as well. I would recommend you to wait for few months to experience this captivating series. It would be definitely a worth watching series.

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