The Series “Against the Gods” emerged as one of the most acclaimed donghua of the year 2023, captivated audiences with its narrative depth and magnificent visuals. With the conclusion of final episode on 30th March 2023, fens were left eager for more. Addressing this anticipation, on same day an announcement was made on the ATG’s official page on Weibo, confirming the production of season 2.

The news of the release of season 2 has increased the excitement among enthusiasts. Who are eagerly awaiting for further adventure in this captivating series. Follow Us for further updates of the series.

Series Overview

This series is an adaptation of a popular Novel ‘Heaven- defying evil god’ also known as ‘Ni Tian Xie Shen’ written by the author “Mars Gravity”.

Against the Gods
Against the Gods Season 2

Against the Gods is an action, adventure and Romantic category donghua. Its first season was premiered on 23 August 2023, consisting of a total 30 episodes, and some of the fans are expecting similar numbers of episodes for the upcoming season. However, official information regarding this has not come yet, only speculation are being made. But, the release of its season 2 has definitely been officially confirmed.


‘Against the Gods’ show us a remarkable journey of a protagonist, whose life takes a tragic turn when his Meridian were destroyed. He was abandoned by his clain, scorned as worthless and even suffered a cruel fate on his wedding day, he was murdered. But, thanks to Samsara’s mirror, his destiny was reversed and he was reborn into a world filled with both hatred and regret. He swore that this time he would reach the pinnacle of power

Main Male Protagonist

Ni Tian Xie Shen

Yun Chi the main character of this series. He is a very smart person and impulsive when the situation is out of his control, he likes to solve his problem with his own. He never hesitate to protect his love ones, even at the risk of his life.

A person who seeks beauty in his life, he becomes soft when dealing with women and often tries to leave a good impression on them. But when he sees that they are his enemies, he doesn’t hesitate to turn into a ruthless person. Read in detail

Main Female Protagonist

Against the Gods season 2

Xia Qingyue the main female character of this series, the young mistress of Xia Clan. Her outward personality is very cold and emotionless. She shows nothing slight anger and slight shyness due to Yun Chi’s flirting.

Xia Qingyue is the first wife of Yun Chi. They were married when they were just 16 years old, because Yun Chi’s adopted father risked his life to save Xia Qingyue, when she was a baby. Her father, Xia Hongyi promised to marry her to Yun Chi. Read in detail

Against the Gods Season 2 release date Announcement

The announcement of Against the Gods’ season 2 was made on 30th March, 2024, on their official page. Which indicates that the second season of the series will be to release in year 2025.

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Against the Gods Season 2 officially announced| details, Overview

You can see the picture below, which suggests the possible release of ‘Against the Gods’ Season 2 in 2025, but this timeframe may or may not be accurate. This year’s 1st October is the tenth anniversary of the Evil God Novel and there will be a big event. Considering the high popularity of the event , it is possible that the release date of Season 2 may be unveiled during this occasion. Additionally, there can be also expectations of a promotional video (PV) release, which will further increase the anticipation for the upcoming season. You can look forward to it.

Against the Gods season 2 release date

Production and Studio

Against the Gods is produced by DC Impression Vision and Shanghai Motion Magic Digital Entertainment On the iQIYI Plateform with the Studio Shanghai Foch Films.

Some of the popular donghua series produced by the Foch Films Studio are listed below :

  • Battle Through the Heavens Special season
  • Stellar Transformation
  • The Mirror: Twin Cities
  • Perfect World


You must watch it’s season 1, it is a great donghua. This is an action, comedy and adventure category series. For me, the special thing about this donghua is its Story and character voice over, which i personally liked and then comes to its animation, I think, animation studio should focus a little more on this and the rest is fine. I hope that we will get to see more improvement in season 2. We will be waiting for its next season

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