The Upcoming arrival of donghua series “Zi Chuan Season 2” (Purple River) is eagerly awaiting among the fens of the series. With the introduction of intresting and powerful characters, this season is expected to deliver a compelling and dynamic narrative. The inclusion of such characters suggest that the upcoming season promises to be most captivating and explosive season of the series.

Series Overview :

The series “Ze Chuan” is adapted from Novel of same name written by Lao Zhu. Its First season was released on 21st December, 2021 and concluded with its 42nd episode on September, 2022. It has received immense praise from the viewers worldwide for its stunning animation quality, battle sequences, cinematography and for the portrayal of an overpowered MC.

Zi Chuan Season 2
Zi Chuan Season 2

The series “Zi Chuan” tells the story of the mythical Zichuan continent, which unfolds the ancient lineage of the human empire and the mysterious eastern family. Between internal and external challenges, three heroes emerges : Dilin, Sterling and Zichuan Xiu With magical abilities, they live in a world filled with demons and orcs and tribal conflicts. Through bloodshed and sacrifice, the epic story weaves together themes of loyalty, love and resilience between generations in a fantasy realm.

Synopsis –

“In the human empire, three hero from a mysterious clan are rising up. First, Di Lin is a cold blooded but resourceful, second Sterling is a patriotic soldier and loyal to the throne, third Zichuan Xiu know as rogue but a wise man. When the Zichuan clan beset by enemies from within and without, the three brothers displayed their respective abilities. Zichuan Xiu repelled the the demons and ventured his life on hunting down the rebel, Sterling resolutely chose his family rather than beloved lover. Humans, demons, orcs and eastern tribe are constantly entangled and bring chaos to this continent. A magnificent epic story was then born in the blood and fire.”

The first season became popular not only because of the animation but it’s story telling was also excellent, the build-up of each characters and its background story, character voice, background music and effects all these qualities make this donghua different and interesting from others and we hope that Zi Chuan season 2 will perform even more better.

Main protagonist –

Zi Chuan Season 2 (Purple River) Release date | Updates and details

Zichuan is a adopted son of the former Zichuan family president, loved by Zichuaning, characterized by love of wealth and freedom. He’s skilled in martial arts assassinations and investments. Known as “King of Light”, he may seem mischievous, eccentric and greedy, but he is actually patent, loving and a little complex.

Production and Studio –

The series is produced by Tencet Penguin Picture with one of an oldest and popular animation studio “Build Dream”. Some of the series animated by same Studio are listed below :-

  1. Renegade Immortal
  2. Great King of the Grave: Secret of the Qilin
  3. Great King of Grave: Cold iron fight
  4. Deadly Response

Zi Chuan Season 2 release date –

Zi Chuan Season 2 (Purple River) Release date | Updates and details

According to the official information provided by Zichuan’s official page, the series is currently under production, with an estimated release target of 2025. There could be many reasons for its delay, one possible reason for the delay could be lack of funds. However, based on the production studio’s transparency in providing updates to the public, there is a probability that season 2 could be released earlier then expected, possibly by the end of this Year.

Zi Chuan Season 2 release date

Season 2 Progress Updates –

Zi Chuan Season 2 (Purple River) Release date | Updates and details

The above given information indicates the progress status of the Zi Chuan’s season 2 animation project.

It mentions that the storyboard complication stands at 48 out of 52, meaning that the storyline and sequence of events for the episode is almost finalized. Additionally, it states that the layout completion is at 16 out of 52, indicating that the visual arrangement and design elements of the animation are still a work in progress and have not reached same level of completion as the storyboard. In such a situation, there is a possibility that the release of season 2 may be delayed.

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Characters Modifications –

Several characters have been slightly modified in this upcoming season. According to the official updates so far, the main protagonist, Zichuan will be portrayed as a mature adult in season 2 and will be featured in a new outfit. Model image showing these changes, unveiled by the studio.

Zichuan Xiu

Zi Chuan Season 2 (Purple River) Release date | Updates and details
Zichuan Xiu’s Season 2 model image

Ma Wei

Zi Chuan Season 2 (Purple River) Release date | Updates and details
Ma wei’s Season 2 Model image

Liu Feng Shuang

Zi Chuan Season 2 (Purple River) Release date | Updates and details
Liu Feng Shuang’s Season 2 Model


Zi Chuan Season 2 (Purple River) Release date | Updates and details
Shirakawa’s season 2 model


Zi Chuan Season 2 (Purple River) Release date | Updates and details
Ning’s season 2 look

Zi Chuan Season 1 Reviews –


Is it Worth Watching –

In my honest opinion, I would recommend you to watch the entire season of the series before reading other’s reviews. Once you have completed watching, I invite you to share your thoughts below in the comment section above your experience. I have personally watched the entire season and it ranks as one of my favourite donghuas on my watchlist.

If you are fond of narrative featuring overpowered characters, extraordinary skilled MC, captivating storyline, well developed characters and stunning animation, then this series is highly recommended for both returning enthusiasts and newcomers.

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