The Demon Hunter season 1 has been one of the best action, fantasy, thriller series of 2023, it’s first season was premiered last year on 22nd June, which captivated audiences with its compelling story and charming animation. As an avid fan of donghua, I found it to be an extraordinary series that offering a unique and intense viewing experience. Fans eagerly awaiting the continuation of the thrilling narrative and captivating characters that made first season such a success. The production team is dedicated for delivering another exceptional viewing experience, promising a new adventure and heightened excitement for viewers worldwide.

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Series Overview

The series “The demon hunter” also known as “Cang Yuan Tu” is adapted from the Novel of the same name, written by I Eat Tomatoes as his 10th Novel also the Author of Martial Universe. The first season consists of a total of 26 episodes that were broadcast to the audiences, showcasing the depth and richness of its narrative and character development.

The demon hunter

This series shows the story of a Cangyuan world, where evil spirits are creating chaos and mankind is being devastated. The main protagonist Meng Chuan has made an oath to avange his mother since childhood. Embarking on his journey from the Jinghu Taoist Temple, Meng Chuan relies on his unwavering determination, fearless spirit and decisive swordsmanship to punish the evildoers and destroy the demon clan. The story unfolds as Meng Chuan rises to prominence within the Four Avenues Courtyard, gain fame in Dongning mansion, pay tribute to YuanChu Mountain and eventually become a symbol of reverence as both a God and a Demon.

Main Male Protagonist

The demon hunter Meng Chuan

Meng Chuan, a 17 year old scholar student at Jinghu Academy, embodies a determined and hardworking character. He demonstrated unwavering determination and a strong work ethics, traits that defines his approach to meeting the challenges posed by the Demon infested world of Cangyuan. In particular, Meng Chuan displays a remarkable fearlessness, never hesitated to confront and neutralized demonic threats when necessary and demonstrate its commitment to maintaining the peace within its territory.

The Demon Hunter Season 2 release date

The Demon Hunter season 2 release date

The Upcoming season of “The Demon Hunter” series is not slated to be season 2 but rather a special season, as per official announcement. This special season will only consist of Four episodes, which is a departure from the traditional number of episodes seen in the regular season. The official promotional video (PV) for this special season is expected to be released by the last week of May, although the exact release date has not been confirmed yet. This development suggest a unique and concise narrative experience for fans of the series, which creates anticipation and intrigue around the upcoming season.

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According to Chinese fans, its special season is likely to be released in the month of July.

The Demon Hunter Season 2 Worldwide release, Spoilers and details

New Characters Introduction

In this upcoming special season, viewers can expect the introduction of new characters, although details about them are shrouded in mystery. Only glimpses of two chapters have been revealed so far, their role and name have not been revealed yet. According to the animation studio, the name and role of these new characters will be unveiled to the audience in July, shortly before the release of the special season, adding an element of mystery and anticipation to the series.

Production and Studio

This series is produced by Youku Animation and Co-producer Angel Culture and Shenman Culture With the Studio Shenman Entertainment.

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If you are looking for action, thriller and fantasy Donghua, be sure to check out “The Demon Hunter” season 1. I would highly recommend you to watch this series, you would love it.

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