Donghua enthusiasts who anxiously waiting for new release, we are presenting detailed list of donghua series Releasing this month. This list includes both 3d and 2d donghua series, ensuring a diverse selection for all fans.

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Supreme Sword God Season 2

Donghua Releasing In June 2024
  • Release date – 12 June, 2024
  • Total Episodes – 100
  • Studio – Kuaiying Mutual Entertainment
  • Producer – Tencent Penguin Picture
  • Genres – Action, adventure, martial arts

Su Yi, once the famous sword master, was reborn pursue ultimate swordsmanship. Reincarnated as the concubine – son of the Su family in the great Zhou Dynasty, he faces neglect and suspect that his father Su Hongli is connected to his mother’s death.

After training at Qinghe Jianfu, Su Yi mysteriously loses his cultivation, is expelled and forced into unwanted marriage with Wen Lingzhao. One year later, he regain his memories from his past life and resolves to break off the marriage, uncover the truth about his mother, and ultimately take revenge on the deciple who betrayed him in his past life.

The Golden Wug Season 1

Donghua Releasing In June 2024
  • Release date – 10 June, 2024
  • Total Episodes – 24
  • Studio – Youhi Culture Animation
  • Producer – Youku Animation
  • Genres – Action, fantasy

Lu Zuo, an ordinary young man living an ordinary life. One day, during a visit to his hometown to see his grandmother, he accidentally inherits the powerful abilities of the Golden Silkworm from his grandmother, and turned out to be the owner of the golden silkworm. This thrust him into the world of conspiracies and power struggle involving ancient Taoist sect and magic practitioners.

As he navigates this dangerous reality, he must master his abilities and uncover the secret of the golden silkworm. However, taming the silkworm is not easy task and many people are eager to capture it which present significant challenges for Luo Zuo.

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Purgatory Walker / The Storm of Dragon City

Donghua Releasing in June 2024| 2d & 3d donghua series
  • Release date – 8 June
  • Total Episodes – 16
  • Studio – Unknown
  • Producer – Bilibili
  • Genres – Action, fantasy

Li Yan, a martial artist with an extraordinary talent, has only a few months left to live due to a terminal illness. At the time of feeling hopeless, he meet a man who called himself “Tapir” and was sent into a fruit of the “Yanfu Fruit Tree”. Li Yan must complete three tasks assigned by the system within the time limit and earn money through boxing matches to buy the medicine to cure for his illness.

As he learns more about Longyuan Fortress where he is now, Li Yan get involved in the dispute in the Fortress. He also becomes aware that other Yanfu Walker are competing with him in secret. However, after overcoming all difficulties, he finally completed all the tasks and and win a new life.

Brick of Heaven season 1

Brick of heaven season 1
  • Release date – 12 June
  • Total Episodes – 18
  • Studio – Tang Kirin Culture
  • Producer – iQIYI Animation
  • Genres – Action, adventure, martial arts

Li Ji, a brilliant architecture student, has his life turned upside down when an alien creature named Dark Kirin kidnapped him and transported him to a secret realm known as Po Nian Space. The secret realm contains ruins of the ancient heaven.

The Dark Kirin challenged him to pass the Heaven’s test in order to return to his World he must rebuild the fallen divine realm. Li Ji sets out on extraordinary journey, he encountered otherworldly creatures, uncover hidden secrets.

The Legend of Three Kingdoms

The Legend of three kingdoms
  • Release date – 18 June
  • Total Episodes – 12
  • Studio – Foch Films
  • Producer – Tencent Penguin Picture
  • Genres – Action, adventure, e-sports

The main protagonist, Guo Xiaoye, a talented esports player who participat in a professional game based on ” Legend of three kingdoms( game held in china). However, Gu Xiaoye was suspended for two years due to a frame up.

Returning to the competition, he fought with loyal general Guo Jia at various levels. However , they soon uncover a terrifying conspiracy. Damage done in the game could be transferred to real life players.

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