Few hours ago, “Tencent Penguin Picture” the production company of the series “Battle Through the Heaven” made a post on it’s official channel “Tencent Video Animation”, it tells that the upcoming episodes of the series are being postponed and it was also Unveiled that the two completions of the annual series will be broadcast [episode 1-50 (Part 1) and episode 51-100 (part 2)], while the rest will just have to wait.


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This post confirms that it’s upcoming episode 101, which as per it’s schedule was going to be released on this Sunday 16th, unfortunately we will not get to see it because it has now been postponed. There will no new episodes this week or next week, it will be released after two weeks from today (30th June), super VIP users will get to see it on 29th. And annual series completions part 1 and part 2 will be released on 16 and 23 June respectively.

Battle Through the Heaven schedule

This post also Unveiled the schedule of the upcoming episodes of the series “Dragon Prince Yuan“. It tells that the upcoming episodes that’s 6th episode will be released on this Sunday (16th) and the 7th episode on next Sunday (23rd). And all the upcoming episodes will be released every Thursday as per their schedule.

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