On March 10th, the release of episode 87 marked a highly anticipated moment for the viewers as compared to the last few episodes. Xiao Yan final killed Han Fan with the help of little fairy doctor’s Poision Corrosion and captured Han Fan’s soul body.

Episode 88 Spoiler –

In the Upcoming episode, after all settlement, Xiao Yan will return to Jia Nan academy, where he refines soul cultivation to restore Yao Tian’s soul. After that, Xiao Yan will help little fairy doctor to suppress her Poision body, which was about to explode as shown in the PV video. Technique and Knowledge provided by Yao Tian will help a lot to seal the little fairy doctor’s Poision body.

BTTH Ep- 88 PV video

According to the Novel – During the sealing process, the little fairy doctor was completely naked. But it was modified in the animation by the studio because of an appropriate scene. During the sealing process, Xiao Yan was badly affected by the poison and he had fainted. So to deal with this, little fairy doctor sucked it up by kissing Xiao Yan. Hopefully, we might get see this scene.

Central Plain Spoiler [Ep-89] –

Before heading towards Central Plain Xiao Yan will train very hard and will break through 7 star Dou Huang, there we might get to see his new look and then he get ready for horizon city to use wormhole to quickly reach the central plain.

Central Plain spoiler

During the journey, Xin Lan explains about the foundation of the power in the central plain, the power of 4 pavilion. When they arrived at Horizon city, they met a beautiful but an arrogant women (Lou Xiao Yao).

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According to novel- Lou Xiao Yao uses a horse in the donghua, she rides a flying animal and goes on a rampage through the streets. Even if we look into PV of Ep 89 we can clearly see her directly let the flying beast crash into him. Seeing this, Xiao Yan immediately pulled himself and she fell. Xiao Yan’s actions, made Luo xiaoya angry and spokes arrogant words and even continued to insult Him and little fairy doctor. Little fairy doctor reched her threshold, unable to endure further, she directly slapped Lou Xiao Yao and was about to be killed.

Luckily, her grandfather Lou Chen came in time and negotiated with Xiao yan the make peace. Subsequently, little fairy doctor helps repair the wormhole. However, upon its completion, an unexpected accident occurred. Absorbing the surrounding area, sucked in Xiao Yan, Xin Lan and Zi Yan and passed the little fairy doctor as we saw in (Ep- 89) PV video.

Ep 89 PV video

New Characters Apperance In Central Plain :

Jin Shi –

BTTH (Ep- 89) Central Plain Spoiler And Xiao Yan's New look

Jin Shi is a elder of Gold Swallowing mouse tribe and a 7 star Dou zong level cultivator. They became friends when, Jin Shi discovering Xiao Yan as an alchemists, he established friendship with him with the intention seeking his assistance in curing Jin Shi’s Poison with the help of Heavenly flame.

Feng Qing Er –

Feng Qing Er

Feng Qing Er is also an alchemist like Xiao Yan. She belongs from powerful pavilion called Heaven demon phoenix tribe. She hates Xiao Yan most because he bested her during the fight in wind lightning pavilion and he was always one step ahead from her. Read more

Feng Zun Zhe –

Feng Zun Zhe

This character will play a very crucial role in central plain for Xiao Yan’s point of view, as he will be as a shield or a protector for him. He a leader of Falling Star pavilion and his level is 4 Star Dao Zong. Read more

Mu Qing Luan –

Mu Qing Luan

Mu Qing Luan is one of a young, cute and a powerful girl in central plain just like Zi Yan. She is Feng Zun Zhe’s disciple and a member of Falling Star pavilion. She meet Xiao Yan during heavenly mountain blood pool and they become friends, she was amazed by his abilities and she had a crush on him. Read more

Huang Quan –

Huang Quan

A head of one of most powerful pavilion called Yellow Spring pavilion, his level is 2 Star Dou Zun.

Lei Zun Zhe –

Lei Zun Zhe

Lei Zun Zhe is going to be one of a main antagonist during Central Plain and a leader of most powerful pavilion of central plain called Wind lightning pavilion. Read more

Xiao Yan New look –

Xiao Yan New look

As we saw Xiao Yan’s New look in Ep-89 PV video, it was really unexpected, due to this many viewers were disappointed by the studio. If we are honest, this new look shown in PV was really ugly and unexpected.

BTTH (Ep- 89) Central Plain Spoiler And Xiao Yan's New look

But if we look into the official poster, Xiao Yan model looks great. So we can not judge his new look in just a few seconds video. It may also happen that studio wanted to keep viewers curious for upcoming episodes, so they released the PV of it. It could be still in polishing stage.

Netizens in China, all of them are shocked, sad and angry with the modelling Studio. After all, we just have to wait for the time when Xiao Yan final look comes out officially. Which episode will be shown new look of Xiao Yan? When they will head towards central plain, we likely to see in episode 89. Comment down your thoughts below about new look of Xiao Yan.

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