If you’re looking for a captivating Chinese Anime donghua full of action, adventure, and a transformative hero’s unwavering spirit, then you’re definitely going to love this series. The most interesting thing about the series “Journey to the West : Asura”, its Characters buildup and its Animation quality, without any doubt, they are over the top.

Journey to the West : Asura (mad King) Season 1 details, series reviews
Journey to the West : Asura Ep 1 scene

Series Overview :

Journey to the West: The Mad King (Asura)” is a gripping story that explores the themes of strength, resilience and the quest for redemption in a world where survival is the ultimate Goal.

The Series shows story- A vulnerable asura youth witnesses his tribe’s slaughter, he embarks on a transformative journey and confront the harsh realities of Asura. Grappling with identity he discovered the true power and ascends to kingship.

Journey to the West: Asura

Synopsis –

A Vulnerable Asura youth, who witnesses the slaughter of his tribe, undergoes a transformative journey. Mastering the fighting God’s five senses and the unique fighting soul, he reunited with his friend Shiyu amidst Asura’s law of survival. Using his newfound power, Yumo faces the harsh realities of his world. Grappling with identity, friendship and an unforgiving environment. Through trials, he discovers the true essence of power and ultimately ascending to the kingship in the realm of Asura.”

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Journey to the West: Asura – Season and Episodes

Journey to the West : Asura (mad King) Season 1 details, series reviews
Journey to West: Asura

“Journey to the West” alternatively know as Xi jing ji special : Asura, is a remarkable rendition of the timeless classic. The series, consisting of a total 9 episodes, has gendered a lot of anticipation. To date of writing this post, three episode have been unveiled, which have enthralled the audience with their rich narrative and magnificent visuals. As the journey continues to progress, the audience is eagerly waiting the release of next episode. Read to embarks on an unforgettable journey with the characters.

The series is directed by esteemed director Ching Lok Mek, renowned for his work on the acclaimed ‘The Westward ‘ series. Notably, donghua achieved significant popularity within ‘The Westward’, which is indicative of Mak’s skillful direction and storytelling ability. Given this pedigree, it is reasonable to anticipate an exceptional season under his guidance.

Journey to the West : Asura (mad King) Season 1 details, series reviews

Informations –

  • Status : Ongoing
  • Release date : 28th February, 2024
  • Total Episodes : 09
  • Season : 1
  • Durations : 19 min/ep
  • Genre : Action, adventure, historical, martial arts

Main protagonist :

This entire series depicts the journey of the main protagonist- Youyu, whose ultimate aim is to take revenge of his sister and his tribe and unveil his true identity.

Production and Studio :

Journey to the West: Asura is Produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures, with the Studio BYMENT. A popular movie “Journey to the West: Shadow City” was also produced by Tencent Penguin picture with the same Studio.

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Final PV video –

Journey to the West: Asura – Trailer

Is it Worth Seeing :

There have been only 3 episodes so far and that alone make us realise that this is going to be a great show. With it captivating storyline and we’ll developed characters and stunning animation, it is sure to thrill both returning fans and newcomers alike.

This series will appeal to those who have previously watched a series “The Journey of Wugeng” or (Wu Geng ji), as it shares a similar character design and animation quality.

If you are looking for donghua full Action, adventure and the unwavering spirit of a determined Hero. I would highly recommend you to watch “journey to the West: Asura” and deserve a spot on your watchlist

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