One of the Most Anticipating donghua series ‘Martial Universe’ is an adaptation of a famous novel Wu Dong Qian. Fourth season ended up with its 12 episodes on 3rd February, 2024. The series has received great praise from the viewers all over the world for its stunning animation, thrilling action scenes and breathtaking Cinematography. Now fans are eagerly waiting for its upcoming season. So, let discuss about its upcoming season.

Series Overview :

Martial Universe is an action, adventure and martial arts donghua. The series consists of a total of 4 season so far and in each season of the series consists of 12 episodes.

Martial Universe Season 5

Series tells the story of a young boy who learns cultivation with the help of a mysterious seal and travels around the world to get better at it. Along the way, he discovers some deep secrets about a Damon group, who were planning something evil that can ruin the world. Lin Dong works together with two other skilled martial artists. Together they Fight against the evil and try to bring peace into the world.

Synopsis –

A child from a small village isn’t favored by his clan. By chance, Lin Dong obtains a mysterious artifact that is coveted by many clans in the Martial world. Because of this artifact, Lin Dong is approached by many people of different clans is forcibly involved in various events of martial universe.

Main Male Protagonist –

Martial Universe Season 5, Release date, plot details

“Lin Dong” the main lead character of Wu Dong Qian, is a smart person and kind hearted to his closest one. However, he is also ruthless again the enemies.

He never afraid to take risks and challenge stronger opponents, if they did him wrong. His ultimate aim is to take revenge from Lin Langtian who had crippled Lin Dong’s father in the Ten Year Clan Gathering of the Lin Clan. Read more

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Main Female Protagonist –

Martial Universe Season 5, Release date, plot details

‘Ling Qingzhu’ the main female character of Wu Dong Qian. A beautiful and one of the most powerful character. She is a deciple Nine heaven supreme purity palace and a successor of her Clan.

Lin Don and Ling Qingzhu had met in the Great Yan emperor during a Nirvana tomb mission. Read more

Production and Studio :

The series is produced by Tencent Penguin Picture with one of the China’s leading animation Studio Shanghai Motion Magic Digital Entertainment.

Some of famous donghua series produced by the studio Shanghai Motion Magic Digital Entertainment are –

  • The Great Ruler Season 1
  • Battle Through the Heaven Special season
  • Dragon Prince Yuan
  • Against the Gods
  • The King of Fighters: Destiny

Martial Universe Season 4 Recap –

In the last season of Martial Universe, Lin Dong obtained the “Martial arts of Creation” and become the second person in the Lin Family to do so after Lin Lang Tian.

He travels to the Yen dynasty in search of his grandfather, unfortunately he was caught by Yen family. After a fierce battle with a Half-Step Nirvana realm warrior, Lin Dong escapes with the young master of Yen family.

Tensions rises as Lin Dong steals Tong Zhou’s treasure, leading to increase hostility towards him. The entire Yen family pursues Lin Dong, culminating in a confrontation where Lin Dong get severely injured by Tong Zhou’s Blade slash power.

Seeking refuge, Lin Dong immerses himself in cultivation within the Zuan Yin Stream (death river), experiencing a breakthrough aided by the Devoting Ancestor Talisman. Emerging more powerful, Lin Dong defeats Tong Zhou and leaves for his hometown ‘Lin Clan. The season concludes with a thrilling showdown between Lin Lang Tian and Lin Dong.

Martial Universe Season 5 Release date –

Some news related Martial Universe Season 5 had been published by officials, during The national animation planning registration of year 2024 and it was listed in the 12th place. It shows that season 5 is now officially approved and ready for 3D Animation.

Martial universe season 5 release date

According to listening, Martial Universe season 5 is divided into two chapters. Consisting 6 episodes each. The First chapter is entitled as – Ancient Secret Treasure and Second chapter is entitled as – Battle of the Hundred Dynasties.

Martial Universe Season 5, Release date, plot details

The Debut episode of Martial Universe season 5 is potentially expected to air the end of this year or early 2025. Although, the official release date is not unveiled at present. For ongoing updates and additional information follow this page and stay connected with us.

Is Martial Universe worth Watching –

Considering its animation quality, narrative depth and my personal experience of having watched all the episodes. I confidently assert that Martial Universe is a must-watch Donghua. Because of its captivating blend of martial arts technique, its make a compelling story. The voice actors bring depth to the character, making it a great watch for fans.

Conclusion –

If you’re seeking for a donghua offering an immersive bled in action, adventure, romance and the indomitable spirit of a resolute Hero, “Martial Universe” (Wu Dong Qian) emerges as a standout recommendation deserving of inclusion in your watchlist.

FAQs –

  1. Question – Who is Lin Dong’s Wife?

    Martial Universe Season 5, Release date, plot details

    Ans- Ling Qingzhu is Lin Dong future wife.

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